“Go Getta” Reviews

by crazefactoryjen

Check out some of Kiki’s initial reviews for “Go Getta” feat. BK’s own, Maino:

MusicMafiaUK: “Heavily influenced by and compared to The Weeknd, Drake, and Jhene Aiko, anyone who listens to Kiki’s music knows that you will be hearing a lot more about Kiki Rowe in the years to come.”

SoloVibesMusic: “When I first listened to this gem from Kiki Rowe, it definitely caught my attention as I wanted to hear some more music. She definitely has what it takes to make some serious noise in this industry.”

QueenBeetch: “Kiki Rowe’s new single, “Go Getta”, has basically everything that a song needs to win my heart. It won’t attack you with blatancy, violate your peaceful evening, or shout through your speakers. It keeps the perfect balance between smooth, almost liquid sounds and beautiful beats in the background, which are amazingly coherent with both Kiki’s and Maino’s vocals.”

BangTidyMusic: “It’s that time of the evening where it all goes a little hazy and the weekend seems further than ever away. Elevating this heightened state of disorder comes Canadian Kiki Rowe and her own brand of coma-inducing R&B. Lacing a production lavished in dreamy waves to the point we’re practically getting a contact high from her smooth vocal, “Go Getta” is a subdued anthem on the power struggle within society. I think. If I’m really honest, this is simply a brilliant vocal framed in a hallucinogenic package of awesomeness.”