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Streets Connect: New Kiki Talk

Streets Connect: New Kiki Talk

check Kiki talk about her influences, the Toronto scene and more.


KikiCam Vol. 2: New York

KikiCam Vol. 2: New York

Check out Kiki’s latest trip to NYC where we filmed a video, cut new records, and managed to have a little fun while we were at it.

Straight Fresh Interviews Kiki Rowe

Straight Fresh Interviews Kiki Rowe

Shouts to for giving Kiki her first interview! Appreciate the love!

<3 Kiki on Hypem

<a href="; title="<3 Kiki on Hypem

show some love to Kiki Rowe and Maino’s “Go Getta” on

“Go Getta” also now available for free download on Kiki’s Soundcloud page:

KikiCam Vol. 1: Miami

KikiCam Vol. 1: Miami

Stay tuned for KikiCam Vol. 2: New York – headed your way

Check out the brand new Kiki Rowe Official Music Site!

The Jane Doze – Deep Haus

The Jane Doze – Deep Haus

Headed for a W Village lunch with one of my favorite dj’s, and favorite NY friends (also named Jen (one n).

Her journey with DJ/Production Duo, The Jane Doze, has been dope to watch. Two girls, killin it.

And here’s their latest mix. It’s deeeeeeeep; enjoy it.



The Out Hotel on 42nd b/w 10th and 11th is always the best. Fun restaurant, dope drag brunch, and beautiful art exibits. Now Gaga on the heels of her closing Roseland, she transforms the place into the G.U.Y. hotel; with a curated Gaga exhibit and Artpop After Party where she’ll be post show. Shouts to my brilliant friends at The Out Hotel and Gaga for knowing who she is. And wearing that red body piece at the end of the G.U.Y. video on VEVO.

Lano – “4 Door Rap” (prod. by MizfitzSoundz)

Lano – “4 Door Rap” (prod. by MizfitzSoundz)

One of those top down, spring on the horizon records.

Craze Factory writing/production session; recorded at Crosby Collective.